Unlocking the Power of Your Team’s Mindset for the Future

A Mindset System For Future-Ready Teams

  1. reconciling how “we’ve always done things” in the past, with
  2. managing the demands of the present, and
  3. preparing for the uncertainty of the future.

Meet the Future Focus Mindsets

Future Focus Mindsets
Discover why teams new a new Mindset

Five Hacks for Unlocking the Power of Your Team’s Mindsets During Disruptive Change

Hack #1: Monitor Your Mindset

  1. hosting a virtual coffee or lunch.
  2. scheduling a virtual breakfast or happy hour with the team to listen to their concerns and hopes for the future.
  3. setting up a 1:1 dialogue to listen to how people’s family lives are changing, how their health is, and what new hobbies they’ve taken up.
  4. bringing members of your team together with members of a cross-functional team to explore a topic or question.
  5. scheduling a team development workshop around the topic of mindsets.

Hack #2: Measure the Mindsets that Matter

  1. they’re not specific to developing strategic foresight or managing change,
  2. they don’t offer actionable mindset measures or tools for leaders and teams, and
  3. they fail to account for the diversity of mindset types on a team — everyone is either “growth” or “ fixed.” What’s in the middle?
Our Mindsets Drive Team Performance

Hack #3: Modify Through Learning, Planning, and Coaching

Building a Future-Ready Team starts with Measuring and Individual Discovery

Hack #4: Maintain the Momentum

The essence our shared future will be determined by the quality of the human operating systems and processes we use to deal with uncertainty and manage change.

Building Foundational Knowledge and Skill is Essential

Hack #5: The Path to Mastery

A sign Robin and I had made to remind us that life is a journey not a destination.
  1. commitment to learning and working with different mindsets on the team.
  2. teaching others and coaching them on their path through change and growth.
  3. curiosity about how to engage and maximize the different mindsets on your team.
  4. resilience and grit for bouncing back from set-backs and team frustrations, and
  5. humility. Mastery is about always keeping a “beginners mind.” It’s about continuous observation and monitoring of how your team is thinking, feeling, and acting.




Leadership Advisor and Author of Future-Ready Leadership: Strategies for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. He blogs at Leadership4iR.com

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Chris Groscurth, Ph.D.

Chris Groscurth, Ph.D.

Leadership Advisor and Author of Future-Ready Leadership: Strategies for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. He blogs at Leadership4iR.com

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